Glad you took a minute to take a look at my little project. A professional photographer told me this is called a "signature". Jumping is my signature, and I've done it in many places long before I realized it was my signature and it became a conscious project. I usually get someone I'm traveling with to take my picture while I jump. As you can see, I've been very lucky to travel with such skilled people.

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Shipka, Bulgaria March, 2010  

This is the one of many monuments representing Bulgarian gratitude to the Russians - who helped them break free from the Turks. It's a beautiful place, and if you go there you have to visit the flying saucer the communists built on a mountaintop nearby, celebrating the birth of the Bulgarian communist party, and proving once and for all that communism is in fact an alien invention, and therefore useless when it comes to motivating humans to do good things. Sad, but true, and now proven beyond doubt.

Vasili cathedral, Moscow October, 2008  

Police state! I've been jumping around the world quite a lot, but this is the first time the police felt me jumping and having a picture taken as a threat to the state, public safety or whatever. Two pictures taken and this angry little man with the typical big hat comes running, waving his finger. He scared my two friends quite a bit - as they know more about Russia than me. But we came back later and took this picture anyway. Kudos to Andreas for doing it anyway.

Is this a crime?

San Diego february, 2007  

Following Fast Search and Transfer all around the world to their conference in San Diego in february was a quite good idea. Sunny!

My first trip to the west coast in many years had to be celebrated by jumping over the city.

Svein-Thore did a great job with the camera.


Sky high...
Costa Brava, Tossa del mar february, 2007  

Costa Brava, north of Barcelona, is a really beautiful rugged coast line. Renting a car and stopping in Tossa del Mar was a really good idea. The coast is filled with small villages wherever it's not too steep to get to the water, but it's by no means crowded in february. This small city has roots back to the roman period, and the spectacular fortification, Vila Vella, dates back to the 12. th century. The forified hill is very beautiful.

Tanja took the picture.

12 th. century fortification, city and beach below. Me above.
La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona february, 2007  

I first saw la Sagrada Familia in 1993, and for each of my three visits since then I've seen great progress in the construction. That makes me really happy, and I hope I get to see it finished before I go. There is no guarantee that I will, because construction has been going on since 1883, and from what I've seen of the drawings, it's only half finished.

They seem to have picked up speed though, and the changes to the interior since 1993 is amazing. Back then the whole building was mainly two facades and a crypt. The main 170m high tower is still far off though. Thanks to the café La Sagrada Familia and Tanja for helping me get this jump right.

Antonio Gaudi made the plans, but was far from seeing this amazing building finished, dying in 1926.
As close as I'll ever get to Hollywood february, 2007  

This is not my best jump, but it is one of the hardest earned (save for mt. Kili.).

I was running late, the LA traffic was slow, and I didn't really know where the bloody sign was. I ended up in some park, got directions up to some crater, ran the whole way, tasting blood, stumbeled up a very steep hill on pure adrenaline... and nearly cried when I discovered I was the only one there... there was no alternaive to using the self timer... that is not an easy task when you want to catch yourself in mid air... this is the only half decent shot. Should have gotten closer to the sign, but I'm still proud of it!

Nearly killed myself on the way down, loose rocks falling everywhere. Two girls helped me with two more shots and I was off to the airport, and a six hours delay... thanks KLM :-)

As close as I'll ever get to Hollywood
Detail: My knee over Hollywood
Jumping Communism September, 2005  

This is the old communist headquarter in Sofia, Bulgaria. New rulers have moved in, but the architechture from the Communist era remains.... it begged for a jump.

The Eternal City february, 2006  

Finally we got to visit Rome, and among all the great sites in this wonderfull city, it had to be The Colosseum.

The almost 2000 year old building is 48 metres high, but part of the outer wall has been looted for building materials, not by invaders but by Romans themselves. Most of the marble and steel is gone along with tons of brick.

When in Rome, make sure to visit Trastevere, the Capuchini munks (who decoratet a tomb with the bones of 4.000 of their brothers), and the marvelous Sistine Chapel, decorated by Michelangelo.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and watch out for crasy tiny cars and swarms of scooters comming at you like killer bees!
Just married! july, 2005  

There was no other way, comming out of the church, we had to jump. All the photographers demanded it (Per Kristian shot this one).

So I jumped, and my beautiful Bulgarian princess floated up in the air after me.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the wedding on the island Langøy a fantastic day, and night!

Have a look at my wife's homepage, at

Floating princess, jumping proud man...

Sphinx and pyramids, Egypt January, 2005  

Just came back from our honeymoon in Egypt. Snorkeling in january and then going home to go snowboarding is nice! We were very impressed with a lot of things in this country, and it was very hard to decide whether to jump over the Sphinx or one of the pyramids... as you can see, I ended up not choosing. Tanja timed this very well!

Karnak and the Valley of Kings was also very impressive, but not quite as good for jumpimg.

Eiffel Tower, Paris July, 2002  

I know some old Parisians pride themselves with never having been to the Eiffel Tower. Their loss!

I do envy them that one restaurant we ate at in Marais though. Lovely city!

300 meters.. I barely made it!

Teotiuacan, Mexico, DF March, 2004  
Long before the Aztecs came, the people of Teotiuacan built these pyramids north of where Mexico City lies today: It was a natural choice for a place to jump, so it didn't take too much convincing before Ingunn agreed to go there for the fifth time and take this photo. Perfect timing.

Stockholm April, 2005  

Stockholm is a very beautiful city, but it's kind of hard to find the one place that would be the natural place to jump. I don't much like the royal castle and the Vasa-ship is indoors... if anyone has a suggestion, please feel free to drop me a line :-) I'll be back!

I ended up jumping over parts of the city and the thing that really makes Stockholm beautiful, the water. There's water everywhere.

The water was rather cold...
Sofia, Bulgaria August, 2004  
The sky over Sofia is always blue.... I think. Perfect jumping conditions, except it was too hot (38 degrees or so) and we were going to a wedding, so too many tries would have resulted in me arriving driving wet with sweat. Tanja got it right in the second try, luckily. St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral is a beautiful building in the heart of the city, but I much prefer the backside to the rather plain front :-)

Wedding-jump! Oslo January, 2005  

What a day! Celebrating with a jump over Carl Johan, Oslos main street, was the natural thing to do, really!

Gudbrand took this picture, pretty impessive, considering his camera takes two seconds to fire a shot.

Almost sky diving july, 2005  

What the ....? Was my first reaction, when I realised my bachelor party was headed for an airfield where I was supposed to jump, out of an airoplane. I should have seen it comming, considering my habit of jumping... Having been waken up at 7.00 I was sleepy, confused and scared shitless, then after a minute or two I'd accepted my fate and had to admit this was the natural unnatural thing to do.

Turns out though, sky divers don't particularly like having raindrops hit them at some 200 km/h, so bad weather resulted in a delay. We had little time to wait, so it will have to be resceduled for some later weekend.

In case anyone noticed, yes, I got married in january but this time it's in a church and we've planned a big party, not a small group like in january.

This was as close as I got to jumping from an aeroplane... to be continued...
Geirangerfjorden, Norway June, 2004  
What a mighty fjord! Not at all an easy place to jump, but Barbara timed this photo well, and I avoided falling further than planned.

... and I'm free... free falling... ( Tom Petty - for those unenlightened few)

Efesus, Greek Theatre in Turkey July, 2002  
Our guide was a bit sad the greeks were all gone, though I doubt he knew them personally, as this town had it's day around the time JC walked the earth, and is said to have been the last residence of his mother, Maria. A rip-off-taxi driver took us to her official last-recidence-chapel, a few kilometers away. Anyway, flying over the theatre while contemplating philosophy and having my picture taken at the same time seemed like the natural thing to do. Ingunn did a brilliant job with the camera.

... everything is water!

...Life, the universe and everything..

Mount Kilimanjaro June, 2001  
Kilimanjaro, I'm jumping over Kibo the highest peak of the mountain (5895 m.). The picture is taken on the way down, at an altitude of 3700 meters. My traveling and climbing companion Andreas did an excellent job shooting it, and Eli made the Logo based on it. Thanks a lot, both of you!

Big Ben,


March, 2003  

It took about 100 visits to London before I finally got around to taking this photo. Annelene took the picture. She's posted some rally nice photos at

Picnic in Saint James Park and a short flight over Big Ben a lovely day in March is highly recommendable.



Never jump with an empty stomach

New York, New York March, 2003  

Ok, it had to be Manhattan Skyline. A Dutch girl took the picture. My levitation skills were suffering a bit from jet lag, and the picture is not quite i focus, but... IT'S NEW YORK!

I spent the unofficial part of my stay in a hotel room where all surfaces were covered with weird figures... not a place to have a hangover! I spent my evenings in a bar full of really nice Albanians anyway...

... bam, bam, bam-bam-bam... bam, bam, bam-bam-bam.... bam, bam, bam-bam-bam: BAM....... Start spreading the news....
Corte Inglés, Barcelona November, 2002  

This is an insult! Barcelona is one of the worlds most beautiful cities, home of famous architects like Gaudí and his endless project La Sagrada familia, and some of the most stylish contemporary architecture. Still, it didn't feel wrong to choose to jump over El Corte Inglés on Plaza Catalunya, the biggest shopping mall in the city center.

We probably should have taken this picture that night we somehow ended up in the top of the towers of La Sagrada Familia around midnight, each with a bottle of champagne in our hands, but I guess we concentrated on the champagne.

Audun took this picture, at the end of a week of hanging out in small bars and generally doing nothing that can be fit into a sentence like "then went to see..."
Boston State House March, 2002  
I figured the right place to jump in Boston was over the golden dome of the State House. Caroline Toby took this picture. I'll never forget the lobster she treated me to at a Japanese/Korean restaurant. She and her family seemed to be regarded as family by the owners, and were treated as such. 2002

(yes, the stones were hard, and it hurt, a lot)

Haga Sofia, Istanbul July, 2002  
Drawing the curtains aside the first morning, we saw the Blue Mosque right in front of us. Walking a block down the street we faced Haga Sofia, the old church at the center of Constantinople, the heart of the East Roman Empire, from where Emperor Julian sent his forces out to reconqure the empire. The greatest church in the world (until Peters Church was built in Rome, some 1000 years later) , it was turned into a mosque when the Ottomans entered the city in 1453. In 1935 Kemal Attatürk turned it into a museum, and the old fantastic mosaic was uncovered again (muslims don't allow pictures representing deities, so they covered them up, but didn't destroy them). Its an absolutely fabulous building!

If you go to Istanbul, Haga Sofia is a must! As is the Topkapi palace, meeting a lot of friendly people and being ripped off by taxi drivers.

Brandenburger Tor, Berlin February, 2003  
Get that song out of my head! No, stop it! Now! Can someone help me stop that Norwegian Eurovision song contest contribution from playing in my head? Apparently not! "Her står vi på Brandenburger Tor.. hånd i hånd..." (Here we are at Brandenburger Tor, hand in hand....). It's a very friendly and pathetic post 1989-tune that, not surprisingly, performed horribly in the final. Anyway, I had surprisingly much trouble getting anyone half english speaking to understand how to focus the camera before I jumped, to avoid the delay... I have some 15 pictures of myself right after I hit the ground.

Her står vi på Brandenburge Tor, hånd i hånd som om det var i går.... du og æ på ...

Ransverk, Jotunheimen 1998  
The morning after a wedding in the Jotunheimen mountains we decided we had to raise a "Varde" (a pile of stones basically) in honor of the married couple. We wanted to add this stone to the Varde (hence the beam under it), but the force of gravity (and minimal amounts of sleep) got the better of us. So a jump was all that was left to do. Thanks Gaute, for making the shot in the first and only try.
Few people slept more than two hours; but we made it to the top; some even above it
Jumping brothers, Ås June, 1996  
I wanted to try to freeze movement and the best time was a melting hot summer day in Ås, my hometown. My brother and I jumped (myself slightly higher, to compensate for his height) and my mother timed it perfectly in the first try. The shutter speed was fixed to 1/2000 of a second, which gives the effect of stopping all movement in a picture where the situation tells you there has to be plenty of movement.

Nice June, 2002  
Really Nice! The only problem was the temperature, it was too hot, and the waiters, who couldn't care less whether you might be allergic to their food, as long as you don't speak proper French. Personally I find Parisians, who in France have a reputation for being arrogant, generally pleasant people... I met nice people in Nice too, but the majority were foreigners.

Morten de la Forest took this picture, from a beach outside Nice
Equator, Uganda July, 2001  
On our way to Entebbe in Uganda, my good friend Ronald showed us the Equator. I didn't feel very different passing it, but jumped back and forth a couple of times, just in case I ever felt like claiming I've crossed the line "loads of times".

Olympiastadium München January, 1995  
Olympiastadium, München. Silje took this picture back in 1995. The stadium is made of glass and steel, but is designed like a tent. Quite neat really. Two days earlier my friend Tobias asked if I wanted to come visit him, Gudbrand and Harald in München. I called Silje and she got us the best ticket deals. About 32 hours later we where drinking weiss bier and eating sweinsaxe (a really enormous piece of meat, a pigs leg) and kartoffelknödern (a ridiculous small rubberlike potato-something) with our good friends.

Salamanca, Spain April, 1997  
Notice the guy down to the left looking at me (the weirdo) jump on the main square in Salamanca. I'd come down from London to visit Ingunn.

Cape Point, South Africa August, 2001  
Cape Point, south of Cape Town in South Africa, south of most of the world really. Having traveled this far it was nice and a bit strange to meet Even (family member) Gægga (Geir Martin, fellow son of Ås) and Bente (a student in my home town) in Long Street.

Narestø July, 1994  
Heaven is a place on earth, I've known this since birth and spent every summer there, on the south coast of Norway, near Arendal

Tikal, Guatemala January, 1997  
In perfect ski-jumper position right before I took off, flew (fell) 40 meters and died. Such a shame the photographer shot it one second early. Well, not really. I climbed down, shaking slightly. But then we climbed the highest pyramid in this ancient ruin city of Tikal, Guatemala, rising above the jungle roof, looking down at screaming monkeys and endless miles of jungle, and up at circling birds of prey... wow, I'd recommend it to anyone sane enough not to jump.

Galdhøpiggen, Summer (really!) August 2000 and August 2002  

Galdhøpiggen, the highest mountain in Norway, where Snowboarders go in the summer...

I can see my house from here....! November, 2003  
The nice kick you get when you're off the jump, you have not chickened out and slowed down, you've just been scared shitless, but your balance is perfect and you know you'll have a nice little flight before you land safely.... I'm lovin it, and I'm not talking about McDonalds either! (the picture is taken in Trysil, - Norway's best ski resort... check out Hemsedal too)


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